If I were a flea just imagine how tiny my little finger would be if I were a flea
But If I were a seagull, would it be illegal, to lie and pretend I were an eagle

Could I be a monkey or maybe an ape just think how much it would thrill her if I were a gorilla
It would be nice to be a block of ice floating on an arctic sea
But what with global warming sending out a warning
I would soon melt and become part of the sea
And I don't think that's really me

I just wanted to be something you could rely on
So, a tiger is out and so is a lion
Cos I would just as soon eat you rather than greet you
With a smile just like a Hawaiian

For a while, I thought I could be a crocodile but on second thoughts it was just not my style
And I ruled out being a dog or for that fact a small hedgehog and in no way could I be a frog
But what if I got into the habit of being a rabbit and spend all my life feeding and breeding

A bat, a gnat, a chitchat
A cat a wombat or bees I couldn’t be bothered with any of these,
but a piece of cheese would be a breeze
But the thing is I am just a mere man
 a spec in the universe

and that is all I am


Too 2

Too many secrets are kept
Too many lies to quote
Too many tears are wept
Too many words are wrote
Too many people are poor
Too many lives are lonely
Too many children go hungry
Too many pains to endure
Too many regrets are whispered
Too many lives are taken
Too many people are homeless
Too many sins to confess
Too many men die young
Too many hurts are hidden
Too many heroes unsung
Too many things forbidden
Too many words are spoken
Too many souls are bought
Too many hearts are broken
Too many wars are fought


Feeling Low

No child of mine will carry my name
No life will make that plea
I die and take my name unclaimed
Only a memory

To friends and those who read my words
And listen to my mind.
I leave a wisdom my life has learnt 
Written and left unsigned

I leave my love, I had a lot 
But those I gave it to
Were always just beyond my reach
Beyond my sight and view

I leave a heart it's worth a lot
I never used its power
I held it out in front of me 
It's worms that now devour


Forbidden Fruits

Some fruits are so called, forbidden fruits
But this fact, I doubt is true
To some that which is forbidden
Is to others, to pursue
Some look down, upon virginity
To others, it’s an absolute must
And love between same sexes
Can divide the Just, from Lust
You must accept, what you are presented to
With a contemplated sight
For you see white is white unless you view it
In the darkness of the night
So many times I was told,
That this, or that, was bad to do
Only to find, those that told me
Did it themselves, its true
Do what I tell you not what I do
That was the rule to follow
But somehow that rule to me was so, very hard to swallow.
Enjoy your fruit, forbidden or not
It’s for you to decide



Sleep softly my little one, go play on a cloud
Sail on the still waters, stand tall and stand proud
For you are a prince with stars in your eyes
Adored by the thousands, graceful and wise

Sleep softly my little one the future is yours
You are the wild seas, breaking on distant shores
You are a gentle breeze blowing softly on high
Calming the storm, calming her cry

A whisper, a hug, a kiss on the brow
You're the past and the future the here and the now
Sleep softly my little one for soon will be morn
A new day will begin a new day will be born

You will step out to the cheers and out to the cries
People shouting your name with tears in their eyes
For you are their future their hopes and their pride
To lead them to show them for you are their guide

Time to lose some weight

Time to lose weight before I fall flat
Cut out this and cut out that, exercise more and lose all of that fat
Cut out the booze the chocolate and sweets
Put on your trainers and get on your feet

Is it all worth it I ask myself?
When I see all the chocolates there on the shelf
Then ping goes a button and reality kicks in
I have to lose weight I have to get thin

It's, not me that is making me burst at the seam
It’s all of those Fry-ups and pudding with cream
So January the first I shall start to cut down
I will get off my backside and move more around

It is now ten days on I have been really good
I have done all the things and cut out what I should
I jump on the scales to see what is shown
And to my delight I have lost half a stone

If the shoe fits

Why it is that woman will always try to wear a smaller shoe
Is it so unfeminine to have big feet?
We all know if you squeeze your feet into a shoe when its new
You have more chance to get corns even if the shoes look so neat

One woman decided the factory to sue
Because she had so many corns
But the company finally won its case
Saying her shoes were too small and she knew

The woman was so angry that on one winter's night
She went to the factory with the shoes she had bought
She looked at the company in her hand was a light
The factory was burned to the ground on that night

And in the end the evil woman was caught
At the trial, her barrister was asked
Why would a woman do such a thing that had passed?
She just stood there with the shoes she had bought

He said she had been like this from the day she was born
He explained that with the shoes that she had worn
Proves that the adage some people might say
Hell hath no fury like a woman corn

Getting old

I got an ache in my hip and a pain in my knee
My fingers are all bony and it's killing me
I have an ache in my side and an ache in my head
I might just as well stay right home in my bed

I have cramp in my leg and my big toe is throbbing
My eyes are so sore with all of my sobbing
My wrist is so weak and my fingers can't grip 
I even have problems with the doing up my zip

Am I getting old? Am I getting all past it? 
I can't pull the birds I might just as well quit
Don't look at my belly and never see me bare
Now I am beginning to lose all of my hair 

The years float on by Ain't it great getting old 
Ain't it great wearing glasses ain't it great feeling cold
I'm a little bit deaf and my eyesight is weak
And I always now seem to wake wanting a leak

But I have all of my senses and am still able to write
And I really don't mind wearing specs for my sight
I know I now need a stick to help me to walk
But I can still play with the gadgets I have bought